Our Focus for 2020-2021

Our Focus for 2020-2021

Director’s Update:

I joined the CCPS team in July and have been working every day toward the opening of school.  Now that school has started, it is wonderful to once again see and hear students engaging whether physically in the classroom or virtually.  The global pandemic has caused us all to make a lot of changes but our priority is the same – learning!

It is my pleasure to share with you some of the priorities we have identified for the 2020-2021 school year. It is our goal to:

  1. increase parent and community involvement in our Special Education Advisory Committee – We want to hear from you!
  2. strengthen our DevelopMentor program to support our special education teachers across the division.
  3. reinforce our teaching practices to ensure that every student’s IEP reflects specially designed instruction
  4. fortify our special education processes to adhere to the Regulations Governing Special Education Programs.

I would like to personally extend an invitation to our parents and community members to attend the Special Education Advisory Committee meetings.  At our first meeting on October 8, the agenda will include an overview of special education in CCPS.  There will be a time of questions and answers.  Please plan to attend.  Links to join and updates will be provided on the SEAC portion of our website.

Kind regards,

Paige Carter

Director of Special Education