Mental Health Awareness Month

 In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are spotlighting our current staff who support employee and student wellness.  

Laura Mosonyi, Occupational Therapist

Hello!  My name is Laura Mosonyi and I am an occupational therapist.  You may see me throughout the county working with some of our special needs students.  I help them discover their strengths, improve their skills, and develop adaptations so that they can access the curriculum and  be successful in the school environment. I often help students develop improved sensory processing skills, visual-motor integration skills, motor coordination, and self-care skills.  In addition, I  am also a part of our county’s assistive technology team where we provide adaptive equipment and a variety of technologies to help students function in school.  I mostly work at Lewis and Clark, Caroline Middle School, and Caroline High School but you may see me at the other schools from time to time as well.  

This is what I do, and I appreciate what you do!  #OneCaroline