Parent Teacher Resource Center

     Parents, students, and teachers:  Come visit the updated location for the Parent Teacher Resource Center at 16221 Richmond Turnpike, behind the Governor’s School & next to the School Board Office  and also on the web at

Promoting a Partnership Between Families, Teachers, and Caroline County Schools  

The Parent Teacher Resource Center is endorsed by the Va. Department of Education, Partnership for People with Disabilities, and the Center for Family Involvement.
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What is the “Parent Teacher Resource Center”?

The Parent Teacher Resource Center is an information center for all Caroline County families, teachers, and others concerned about the care and education of children. The center is open to all families and educators. Materials are made available to the PTRC through funding from the Title I Program, Special Education, Title VI and local funds. It is designed to be that bridge connecting educators and families by promoting the Parent/Teacher partnership.

Who is involved? and why?

ALL Families of
ALL School Age Students in
ALL Educational Settings 
All Students 
– to enjoy the benefits of increased family involvement in their lives at school.
Families – to enhance their abilities to nurture the education and well-being of their children; to find new, enjoyable ways to learn together.
Educators & Professionals – to utilize training resources and information to bring schools, families, and communities together.
Communities – to benefit from stronger school to neighborhood relationships and an improved workforce.

Individual Assistance

Free information and assistance are available to parents and professionals who contact the PTRC.

What does the Parent Teacher Resource Center Provide?

  • Workshops for families and educators
  • Newsletters and E-newsletters to inform families of current issues in education and resources available locally
  • Referral services to help families locate specific local, state, and national agencies
  • A lending library of books, newsletters, videos, DVDs, and educational training materials
  • Information on a wide variety of topics including, Gifted Education, Adult Education, Infant Development, Caregiving for Seniors & much more
  • A confidential listening ear

Susan Gayle, Special Education Parent Teacher Resource Coordinator     Email: