Resources for ASD

VCU-ACE’s Response included helpful resources

…Here at VCU-ACE, we know such rapid changes in routines and schedules will be especially difficult for individuals with ASD and their families. In order to help, VCU-ACE has already begun creating videos and visual supports to ease the transition and to support such vital skills such as handwashing. Our first two new products include a video on handwashing specifically designed for individuals with ASD to watch, as well as a how-to video on the use of evidence-based strategies to teach handwashing.

Click here to view these resources: How To videos on handwashing or copy and paste to your browser

Remember, VCU-ACE has a wide variety of How To videos that cover topics such as Task Analysis, Visual Supports, Prompting, and Reinforcement for those who are not as familiar with the evidence-based practices that are used to teach individuals with ASD. Our entire How To video list can be found by copy and pasting the following to your browser or clicking on the link here.

Additional Information and Resources

Please visit these websites for additional free resources and COVID-19 information.

The Autism Society of North Carolina has pulled together visual supports and social stories/narratives. These resources are easily downloaded at the link here. Or copy and paste the following to your browser:

The National Autism Association has created a list of teaching tools for kids as well as tips for caregivers. Please view by clicking on link here or copy and paste the following to your browser:

Autism Focused Intervention and Research Modules have created a free tool kit at or by clicking on the link  COVID-19 Toolkit to support children and youth with ASD.

VCU-ACE is dedicated to supporting all Virginians during this time of uncertainty. We hope the resources found within this newsletter will support individuals and their families adapt to the ongoing changes surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the coming days, VCU-ACE will work to provide more How To videos on a variety of topics surrounding COVID-19 including social distancing, isolation / quarantine, and even topics like being more independent across activities such as making breakfast or a snack, hygiene, and academic tasks.  We will update our community as we create and develop more products. 

This is only a portion of what the Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center provided. To see this in full format, please visit the following webpage. Copy and paste the following to your browser or click on the link provided below.