CCPS Child Find Campaign

This is to inform you about our Child Find Campaign. Caroline County Public Schools participate in an ongoing process of locating, identifying and evaluating children ages two through twenty-one who are suspected of having a disability. Special Education disabilities include:

Autism Spectrum Disorder                             Developmental Delay

Deaf-Blindness                                               Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment                                          Intellectual Disability

Multiple Disabilities                                        Orthopedic Impairment

Emotional Disability                                       Speech-Language Impairment

Specific Learning Disability                           Other Health Impairment

Special Education programs are available for children with special needs in Caroline County and any child who is identified as having a disability is entitled to a free, appropriate education which is designed to meet his/her needs.  Screenings can be made upon referral to our schools. If you know of a child who has a disability or you suspect may have a disability, you may refer the family to us. All referrals are considered confidential and screenings are free of charge to families.